We simplify your vineyard work.

At the Gewerbepark Breisgau industrial estate – within sight of the vineyards of Markgräflerland and neighbouring Alsace – the 14 personnel at KMS develop and construct special equipment for working in vineyards. Equipment designed for the specific growing conditions of a wine region, adapting to steep inclines and special growing methods. This is why we do not simply supply you with standard machines but, if necessary, adapt them individually to your needs.

Corporate history.

We make the best of every vintage.

Inventiveness or hard graft – these were the alternatives facing 17-year-old Willy Rinklin in 1969 after he and his brother promised that they would deal with the leaves in the vineyard while their parents were away. The young agricultural machine mechanic constructed a leaf trimmer with which the time-consuming foliage work could be completed in a single day!

He continued to make further developments – initially while still completing his education – until Willy Rinklin and his brother finally founded their own agricultural machine workshop in Eichstetten in 1979. The works, which was also the agency for Dexheimer vineyard tractors and Clemens vineyard equipment, moved to the newly created Gewerbepark Breisgau industrial estate in 1993, where from 1998 they concentrated more on their own developments for viniculture. The success of these new devices demanded ever more employees and space, so that they regularly had to build and expand.

14 employees now work for the company in the new 1,100 m² production hall.

1979 Founding of KMS Rinklin in Eichstetten on the Kaiserstuhl

1993 Move to Gewerbepark Breisgau industrial estate in Markgräflerland

1998 Concentration on development and construction of vineyard equipment

2000 SL 2000 series of shoot binders

2003 Pre-pruner

2009 Leaf remover with blow-out system

2010 KMS leaf trimmer system, Vario plus

2011 Embankment mower

2012 Spraying devices