KMS Multifunctional Device Carrier

The KMS Rinklin Device Carrier was developed to meet the need for the sustainable cultivation of vineyards. Whereby the focus is on soil protection, fuel savings and simple handling. The specifications also emphasised fatigue-free work for the operators.

The combination of two to three work processes in one pass ensures the machine’s enormous area efficiency.

The following device combinations are possible, depending on the time of year:

  • pre-cutting of one to three rows,
  • under-vine care with flat shares or mulching head, two-sided stem brush to remove water shoots,
  • single-row shoot binding combined with subsequent mulching machine,
  • leaf trimming of one to three rows with simultaneous soil treatment.

These device combinations are controlled by an intelligent Canbus control system.

The measurement points are the distance to the ground – slope-gradient wire frame, leaves in the leaf wall.

The control system developed by KMS Rinklin GmbH and Power-Hydraulik GmbH reacts autonomously to changed speeds and transfers this information to the corresponding working tool.