Pre-pruner, cordon-trained vines

Disc diameter 450 mm 

Version Article No.
Pre-Pruner “K”
8 pairs of cutting discs, 144 kg
Pre-Pruner “K”
10 pairs of cutting discs, 150 kg
Pre-Pruner “K”
12 pairs of cutting discs, 156 kg

Scope of supply

  • Double frame with cutting discs
  • Control block / manual release
  • Protective flaps at rear / protective screen in front
  • Central mounting, 25 mm dia.
  • For 12 V supply
  • Connections required: 1 x s-a, 25 l/min. 1 x return line
Special equipment Article No.
Boom 70 x 70 x 1200, vibration damper K100075a
Lift mounting “S” with integral hydr. lateral inclination
locking block 1 x d-a
Lift “S” 100 x 100 x 800 stroke 1 x d-a Internal cylinder,
plastic bearings adjustable for zero clearance
Adapter for 50 x 50 boom on KMS Lifts “M” / “S” K100176
Adapter for 70 x 70 boom on KMS Lifts “M” / “S” K100278
Adapter for other manufacturer’s Lift K100077
Parking frame K100063
Automatic detection for steel posts K100079a
Automatic detection for all types of post K100096
Tractor brackets Click here