Shoot Binder DL 3000 H Vario

The DL 3000 H Vario allows variation of the lifting belts and thus ideally adapts to the height of the wall of leaves. The special lifting belts gently push the shoots upwards; the belt speed can be automatically adapted to the speed of movement if desired.

Version Article No.
DL 3000 H Vario K100002

Scope of supply

  • Uptake belts with hydraulic drive
  • Stick magazine Type 500, front filling
  • For 12 V supply
  • Boom 70 x 70, dampe
  • Connections required: 1 x s-a, 20 l/min. 1 x return line
Special equipment Article No.
Yarn stop clamping pincer K100005
Top cutter, hydraulic K100006
Short-shoot belts (per pair) K100007
Long uptake belts, 2.0 m K100003
Large-staple roll-magazine 4000 K100004
Hydr. cylinder for mounting compensation, d-a 200 stroke, instead of damper K100186
Lift mounting “S” with integral hydr . lateral inclination, locking block K100160
Lift “S” 100 x 100 x 800 stroke 1 x d-a Internal cylinder, plastic bearings adjustable for zero clearance K100157
Parking frame K100063
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