Shoot Binder DL 3000 M Tandem

Thanks to the possibility of three-dimensional adjustment, the DL 3000 M Tandem can be optimally adapted to the various grape varieties and terrains. State-of-the-art materials and production techniques ensure maximum stability with low net weight, so it is also possible to install the system on smaller carrier vehicles or to work on steep slopes.

Version Article No.
DL 3000 M Tandem K100001

Scope of supply

  • Lifting belts driven by garn
  • Stick magazine Type 500
  • Band length 80 cm
  • Storage feet
  • Boom 50 x 50, damper
  • Connections required: 1 x s-a, 15 l/min, 1 x return line
Special equipment Article No.
Yarn stop clamping pincer K100005
Top cutter, hydraulic K100006
Short-shoot belts (per pair) K100007
Hydr. cylinder for mounting compensation, d-a 200 stroke,
instead of damper
Lift mounting “M” with integral hydr. lateral inclination,
locking block 1 x d-a
Lift “M” 100 x 60 x 800 stroke 1 x d-a Internal cylinder,
plastic bearings adjustable for zero clearance
Parking frame K100063
Tractor brackets Click here