Tractor-mounted Air-blast Sprayer Hydro „S“

Tank volume 200 l 300 l 400 l
Pumpe 50 l 50 l 50 l
Transverse air-blast jets 8 8 8
Number of jets 8 8 8
Length 0,80 m 0,90 m 0,90 m
Width 0,80 m 0,80 m 0,90 m
Height 1,20 m 1,50 m 1,50 m
Weight 175 kg 178 kg 185 kg
Article No. KSP0000 KSP0001 KSP0002

Scope of supply

  • Frame hot-dip galvanised
  • Kolbran pump
  • Manual pressure setting
  • Duplex jet holders, brass, without inserts
  • Polyethylene tank
  • Fresh-water tank, hand-washing tank and system flushing
  • Stirrer
  • Analogue tank-content indicator
  • Hydraulically-driven, powder-coated aluminium transverse blower
  • Electrical remote control of section width
Special equipment Article No.
Electrical remote control of pressure regulator KSP0007
Triplex jet holders, brass, without inserts KSP0018
Drive shaft KSP0019
Lighting installation KSP0021
Parking trolley KSP0022
Botrytis unit KSP0023
Tank cleaning jet KSP0044
Rinsing head in filling sieve KSP0045
Support roller at rear KSP0046
Flap device on blower exhaust KSP0046
Computer control, on request