Trimmer, single-sided "L"

Version Article No.
1.75 x 0.70 m 5/1
Cut length vertical, 1.75 m, 5 knives
Cut width horizontal 0.70 m, 1 knife
1,45 x 0,70 m 4/1 K100009
1,10 x 0,70 m 3/1 K100010
Extension to “walking stick”: Cut length 40 cm K100041
Extension to “walking stick”: Cut length 70 cm K100042

Scope of supply

  • Fully protected knife beams, stainless steel knives
  • Impact protection on vertical beam
  • Trimmer can be inclined mechanically 30° to left/right
  • Hydraulic hoses 2.50m
  • Without lift
  • Connections required: 1 x s-a, 15 l/min, 1 x return line
Special equipment Article No.
Impact protection on horizontal cutter beam with automatic return K100011
Trimmer can be inclined electrically 30° to left/right K100120
Trimmer can be inclined 30° left/right, hydraulic K100012
Bottom-cutter knife, pivoted 45° K100013
Shoot stripper K100014
Horizontal cutter, hydraulic tilting, 90° horizontal 1 x d-a K100015
Horizontal cutter, hydraulic tilting, vertical 1 x d-a K100016
Lift mounting “M” with integral hydr. lateral inclination
locking block 1 x d-a
Lift “M” 100 x 60 x 800 stroke 1 x d-a Internal cylinder,
plastic bearings adjustable for zero clearance
Horizontal cutter, cut width 0.75 m K100017
Way-valve 1 – 2 K100161
Way-valve 1 – 3 K100162
Parking frame K100063
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