Lifting frames and lifting frame attachments.
They keep their promises.

The original lifting frames and lifting frame attachments provide a solid attachment basis for numerous machines from KMS Rinklin.

Two models of lifting frame are available, on which the devices can be reliably attached with hydraulic height adjustment. The design of the M series (external dimensions 100 x 60 mm²) and S series (external dimensions 100 x 100 mm²) is characterised by the movable inner pipe.

The MA and SA series are characterised, on the one hand, by the integrated lifting frame attachment with hydraulic lateral tilt, on the other hand by the more varied attachment possibilities along the movable outer pipe. Installation is therefore not only possible at the very top.

All lifting frames are available with different lifting lengths.


Functions and data sheet

Lifting frame attachments.

The lifting frame attachments (already integrated with MA and SA lifting frames) offer a choice between two mounting variants in order to mount the M and S lifting frame series on the tractor brackets. In the case of the ‘rigid’ lifting frame attachment, the lifting frame is mounted perpendicular to the ground and always remains in this position. If the lifting frame, and thus the mounted equipment, is to be tilted laterally left and right it is necessary to use the combination with the M and S lifting frame attachment with integrated hydraulic lateral tilt. The function of the parallel kinematics on the M and S lifting frames requires the combination with the S lifting frame attachment and the appropriate adapter for parallel kinematics (K100035 or K100335). As a result, devices on the lifting frame can be kept perpendicular to the ground by using the lateral tilt. The MA and SA lifting frames only require an appropriate adapter due to their integrated hydraulic lateral tilt.

Functions and data sheet