Clear-vision double-sided ÜZ (above-lane) vine trimmer

Line width 1.60 - 2.50 m

Functions and data sheet

The KMS Rinklin double-sided ÜZ clear-vision vine trimmer offers you maximum variability and user-friendliness. The two lifting frames are each located laterally at the front of the tractor, providing optimum clear vision from the driver’s seat of the carrier vehicle. The entire structure is based on a spread lifting frame that can be moved apart and together hydraulically, whereby either synchronously left and right or individually. Line widths of 1.80 m to 2.40 m are standard, but can be optionally expanded to 2.00 - 3.10 m.

The lifting frame can be operated synchronously or individually. The same applies for the integrated hydraulic lateral tilt. The cutting units are swivelled hydraulically, and the cutting width adjustment is also hydraulic.

A standard Komfort joystick control unit enables control of a total of ten double-acting functions and makes working with the KMS Rinklin clear-vision vine trimmer a real pleasure.

The product data sheet below describes in detail both the standard scope of delivery (all items in the yellow-red boxes) and the expanded scope of delivery.

Please note: Read the data sheet line-by-line so that you can see at a glance what possibilities you have (e.g. regarding mounting and cutting units) for expanding the standard scope of delivery and thus finding the right machine from KMS Rinklin for you and your operation!