Single-sided L Variabel Plus


Functions and data sheet

The single-sided L Variabel Plus vine trimmer has the light and robust cutting unit from KMS Rinklin as standard – with the unique splash guard, anti-collision protection in both directions, folding transport protection for the knife (which always remains on the machine), and the wire-avoiding sickle knife, which guarantees a long service life and clean cutting.

Whereby you can choose from vertical cutter lengths of 1.10 m, 1.45 m and 1.75 m. The serial horizontal cutter, with a cutting width of 0.65 m (including the overlap between the vertical and horizontal cutters) can optionally be supplied with a cutting width of 1.10 m. The maintenance-free flat-fin belt drive is available as an alternative drive technology.

The Variabel Plus variant offers some special features regarding the cutting unit and canopy adaptation. Thus two knives, instead of one, are installed in the standard horizontal cutting unit, and the cutting unit is not only protected against horizontal collision by gas-pressure springing, but can even be folded up backwards by 90° into an optimum transport position.

In addition, the angle of the horizontal cutting unit can be manually adjusted upwards and downwards by 90° (from the L-shape to the I-shape) and manually adjusted by 400 mm.

These functions are also available in hydraulic form in the expanded scope of delivery (all items outside the yellow-red boxes in the product data sheet).

As is the case for all vine trimmers from KMS Rinklin, the single-sided L Variabel Plus variant can also be supplemented with an undercut cutting unit and/or a shoot knotter.

The product data sheet below describes in detail both the standard scope of delivery (all items within the yellow-red boxes) and the expanded scope of delivery.

Please note: Read the data sheet line-by-line so that you can see at a glance what possibilities you have (e.g. regarding mounting and cutting units) for expanding the standard scope of delivery and thus finding the right machine from KMS Rinklin for you and your operation!